Reduce the medical costs of low back pain through digital health

Clinical studies show telehealth is just as effective and as safe compared to office visit based care for low back pain.

Eliminate the costs of drugs, doctor visits, or unnecessary procedures

Participants have anywhere, anytime access to the clinically proven Telespine program.

Our expert health coaches are here to help

Our expert coaches guide participants in the Telespine program, monitor their progress, and assist them on their path to feeling better.

We provide expert care for low back pain at a push of a button. Effective and safe online care for significantly less costs

Telespine is a proven digital health program based on over 100 clinical studies

for the treatment & management of low back pain.

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In just 10 minutes a day, you can have relief from your low back pain

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A proven 8-week program for less than the price of a single co-pay

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No appointments, no driving, simply login from your computer, tablet, or phone and follow the daily activities

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Lasting pain relief, 50% faster than clinic-based healthcare

How The Telespine Online Program Works

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Expert care at a “push of a button”

Push Button Care is here. Our expert health coaches are available to give advice and guidance to help people recover from back pain and get back to the activities they enjoy.

What is Telespine?

Low back pain hurts, it’s inconvenient, and often very expensive. Telespine offers a new way to get better and stay better using smart, online tools and expert guidance.

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