Back pain isn’t a back issue. It’s a behavior issue

Treating symptoms is easy. Treating the cause of back pain takes skill and expertise. Telespine gives individuals the tools and resources they need to keep back pain away — for good.


Since you are here, you’re likely aware that low back and neck pain are the number #1 and #2 most common causes for lost-time at work in the US. We love telling employers that this doesn’t need to be the case. Our customers see it every day.

Easy integration

Launch quickly, without hassle. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Claims Analysis (BRIAnSM)

 Our proprietary claims analytics tool will help you save by targeting our solution to those who need it most.


Employees who feel better, do better. Don’t let pain get in the way of productivity.

Give an employee a painkiller, they'll be good for a day; Teach an employee how to become their own expert in getting better — they'll be good for a lifetime

Health Plans

The average back pain-related claim costs as much as a luxury vacation. Telespine’s effective, proven solution costs less than a nice dinner out.

Greater Return

Our customers save on their MSK spend. How does 6:1 ROI sound?

MSK Spend

Back and neck are America’s number 1 and 2 biggest MSK spends at $132B+ per year.

Care Continuum

We integrate seamlessly into existing offerings to complete your care continuum.

We all know the traditional route of treating back pain is complicated, expensive, and often, ineffective


Surgery and painkillers address the painful symptoms associated with an unhealthy spine, but do little to deal with the underlying issues causing them. That’s fine if you love paying for expensive and ongoing treatments, but then you probably wouldn’t be here.

Big Problem

66 Million adults in the US will experience back or neck pain each year

Workplace Liability

1/3 of the American workforce will experience back or neck pain each year

Not just MSK

Behavioral health experts say pain is the #1 most common comorbid condition with clients

Proven Solution

Telespine is already available to a milllion+ members via our partners

People with back pain don't want another quick fix — they want a solution. Don't make it complicated. Give them Telespine


Providers are on the front lines of seeing and managing patients suffering from neck and back pain. We are all aware the typical treatment trajectory for these conditions is not the best option for the majority of patients. So what are your options?

It's Everywhere

12.2 million patients will seek primary care for their back and neck pain

We do that

97% of neck and back pain cases can be addressed with Telespine’s solution

Turn Key

Telespine integrates into all clinical workflow and continuums of care, from both bricks and mortar to telemedicine

Let’s Get Started!

Telespine is changing the lives of people in pain. We use our proven system of care and intelligent technology to provide a solution that is convenient, affordable and effective.

Telehealth solution for back and neck pain


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