We help patients get the right care at the right time

Patients suffering from chronic conditions often get caught in the system where they are driven towards the most expensive and sometimes inappropriate or dangerous interventions, especially for neck and back pain.

Informed Care Pathways

BRIAn (Back Related Interventional Analysis)

Telespine works with its partners to leverage our claims data AI and evidence-based clinical decision support frameworks to dramatically improve engagement, drive better outcomes and save money for everyone.

We capture disparate patient data

Aggregate it into meaningful sets

Then help determine the best care pathway

Actionable data is the best kind of data

Telespine uses this patient intelligence to assist its partners in guiding patients toward the right care pathway. We suggest needed gaps in care, help create a comprehensive care continuum, and deliver a highly effective telehealth solution for patients in pain.

Dr. Mark Barnes’ personal story – the genesis of BRIAn

Mark had a twin named Brian, a great human who naturally thought of others before himself. Mark and Brian had the same back injury, the same back surgery, and two very different outcomes. Mark went down the path of movement and adopting health behaviors to recovery. Unfortunately, Brian went down the path of being prescribed opioids immediately from primary care, his pain management doctor, and surgeon. Brian subsequently died of complications from opioids and never got the chance to live a full life due to the “care pathway” prescribed and getting caught in an inefficient system of care.

This story is not uncommon, and still happens everyday. By understanding who patients are and guiding them early in the process towards a multi-disciplinary approach to recovery, we can not only create efficiencies and save everyone money, but also save lives.

Telehealth solution for back and neck pain


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