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Get Better Quickly for Less Money

When we are injured or develop poor postural habits over time, our body responds by becoming stiff and inflexible, and our movement becomes inefficient. Over 96% of low back pain (LBP) is a problem of posture, strength, and awareness leading to significant movement dysfunction and discomfort. Over time, individuals with low back pain develop poor habits of posture and movement that further inhibit healing, and lead to a lifetime of unecessary pain.

Telespine is an Online System of Care

Telespine is an online system of back care developed by Dr. Mark Barnes from over 22 years of clinical experience treating over 10,000 patients suffering from LBP. Dr. Barnes has drawn from his extensive background in orthopedic physical therapy, clinical research, exercise physiology, and biomechanics, to create a simple, easy to do, and highly effective online program for individuals suffering from low back pain.

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Dr. Barnes recognized that patients with low back pain didn’t have the tools and resources to be engaged in their care the 99% of the time they were not in the clinic. Dr. Barnes also recognized the most LBP patients did not need office visits, MRI’s, injections or surgeries to recover from LBP. Dr. Barnes and his team of medical and software experts solved this problem by developing the Telespine telehealth clinical program and software. This web app allows individuals with LBP to easily login to their personalized online portal from their computer, tablet or smartphone and get the ongoing guidance in healthy back activities they need to get better and stay better from LBP.

Get Better Quickly for Less Money

Getting better from LBP doesn’t need to be inconvenient or costly

The approach to getting better should be based on sound, tested clinical science

Effective healthy back activities can be simple and incorporated into daily activities

Telehealth is safe, convenient, costs significantly less, and is highly effective

The Telespine program will help you change the way you understand your body, your pain, and the way you move. In 8 weeks, the program will teach you simple and effective healthy back activities to help you recover from LBP, correct your alignment and mobility issues, and restore pain free movement. You will have relief from low back pain and get back to the activities you enjoy- your quality of life will greatly improve!

Let’s Get Started!

Telespine is a proven, online 8-week program for lower back pain. It’s easy to do and based on over 100 clinical studies that show you can have near term and lasting relief from your pain by spending just 10 minutes a day with Telespine.