Online Therapy Program

Effective Low Back Pain Care Made Simple

Telespine’s online program teaches you healthy back activities that are simple and effective. The program consists of fundamental healthy back activities in 3 phases:

Recovery Phase

Helps you feel better right away to get you moving again and back to work and activities with less pain. The program is composed of simple, effective, and safe activities that promote healing

Corrective Phase

Corrects structural imbalances and restores better mobility in the joints typically restricted following a low back injury or poor posture. From the stress of daily life, injuries over time, or poor posture, this phase helps you develop simple posture and exercise skills to regain back health

Dynamic Phase

Builds more strength and flexibility using dynamic movements. The program teaches you functional movement activities that will help you improve coordination and strength of the muscle systems typically injured with back pain

Recovery Phase

Week 1

After a brief introduction to the online program, we will get you started on recovery activities to relieve your low back pain immediately. By following the Telespine program, you should have a noticeable reduction in back pain starting this week.

Week 2

You will continue with recovery activities this week to ensure that your lower back heals. You will receive video tutorials on core strengthening activities to stabilize and strengthen the muscles and easy stretching to give you more flexibility and tolerance to movement. We will also provide workplace ergonomic tips for optimum comfort and protection at work.

Week 3

At this point in the program your back pain will be significantly reduced. In this week we will introduce more movement and strengthening video tutorials to ensure that your back continues to heal and gets stronger. With each week we provide progressive levels of exercises and activities so you can choose the level that is right for you.

Feel. Better. Faster.

Corrective Phase

Week 4

In this week you will start working on overall strength and flexibility for ultimate healing. You will start corrective strengthening and stretching activities to ensure that your back is strong enough for everyday wear and tear.

Week 5

In this week you will start whole body corrective exercises. These exercises will improve balance, muscle memory and strengthen muscles. We’ve added dynamic movement and stretching videos that will target all areas of your body that may be contributing to your back pain. You will feel less stress and be able to move with more ease and comfort.

Feel. Better. Faster.

Dynamic Phase

Week 6

At this stage in the program we know it’s essential to keep you going on your exercises to build a foundation of posture, strength and flexibility to ensure your low back pain doesn’t return. We will help you stay on track as you progress with your exercises and stretches to higher levels of difficulty to achieve your goals.

Week 7

This week introduces our advanced dynamic exercise and stretching videos to continue building a foundation of dynamic stable movement. At this point in the program, you should be fully recovered from your low back pain.

Week 8

During the last week of the program you will wrap up with whole body exercises and stretches. You’ll be stronger, more flexible and have more energy. Now that you will have a solid upright posture, a strong core foundation and greater flexibility, your lower back will be ready to take on the world.

Let’s Get Started!

Telespine is a proven, online 8-week program for lower back pain. It’s easy to do and based on over 100 clinical studies that show you can have near term and lasting relief from your pain by spending just 10 minutes a day with Telespine.