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At Telespine, user success and a healthy back is priority number one in a world where individuals are striving to live a stronger and healthier life. We are committed to develop relationships with partners to make an impact for their customers and ours – Let’s build a relationship together that gets results.

Channel Partners

New Benefits


New Benefits is partnering with Telespine as part of their mission to save Americans millions of dollars each year on essential healthcare products and services and everyday living expenses through passion for service and attention to details. Learn more about our offering with New Benefits at

Savvy Benefits


Savvy Benefits is partnering with Telespine as part of their mission to simplify the complex world of healthcare, empowering customers with easy and affordable access to health care services and counsel they needs on a daily basis. Savvy customers will receive Telespine as part of their membership.

Upright Pose


UpRight is a discreet wearable device that trains your posture, so you can prevent back pain in just a few weeks. Every time you slouch, UpRight will vibrate reminding you to correct your posture.

Start from only 15 min a day up to a few hours during your usual daily activities – sitting at your desk, studying or meeting with friends. With a customized training program, gradually strengthen your muscles so you will be able to maintain an upright posture without using the device anymore.



MyHealthPass is partnering with Telespine as part of their mission to bring anytime, anywhere healthcare to their members.  MyHealthPass clients will receive Telespine’s MyHealthBack as one of their offerings to their members. Learn more about our offering with MyHealthPass at



Health to You


H2U is partnering with Telespine to bring members an online program to provide immediate, long-term relief for back pain. Users simply login to a personalized portal for expert guidance that includes: exercise videos, workplace and lifestyle tutorials, reminders and encouragement. Learn more about our Telespine offering with H2U at H2U/Telespine web page.

Product Partner



BackJoy’s mission is to change the way the world sits, stands and sleeps. Leveraging what experts (and moms) across the globe have known for years—that better posture prevents back pain—the company creates and distributes innovative patented products that enhance posture to relieve back pain.

Inspired by the movement in self-care—the most powerful form of healthcare—BackJoy’s easy-to-use products and personal wellness initiatives help users naturally sit, stand and sleep better to produce positive, life-changing results. Change your posture, change your life!

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