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Becoming a Telespine Provider Affiliate is Easy and Profitable


Telespine-iMac-iPad-mockup-01_half-moonWhy Become an Affiliate?

As a provider, whether a physical therapist, massage therapist, or any type of wellness professional, you can offer the Telespine program as a compliment to your traditional plan of care for low back pain.

What is Telespine?

Telespine is an online system of back care developed by Dr. Mark Barnes from over 22 years of clinical experience treating over 10,000 patients suffering from LBP. Dr. Barnes has drawn from his extensive background in orthopedic physical therapy, clinical research, exercise physiology, and biomechanics, to create a simple, easy to do, and highly effective online program for individuals suffering from low back pain.

It’s easy. You can now provide Telespine to enhance your patient’s care through our easy to use affiliate program and make more monthly income for your practice.



Integrating Telespine into Your Clinical Approach

Four Easy Steps:

icon_circle01Sign up for the affiliate program

icon_circle02-redEducate your clients about the Telespine program using our marketing card template

icon_circle03-greenHave your clients sign up through the Telespine website using your clinic’s affiliate code provided by Telespine

4-circle-iconTelespine tracks client sign-ups and sends you your revenue share at the end of each month

Learn the Telespine program from Dr. Mark Barnes


Dr. Mark Barnes is now opening up his treasure chest of trade secrets and offering the new Telespine training program. Come to Mark’s clinic in Boulder Colorado and learn the Telespine treatment program and how he and his expert team incorporate Telespine into their clinical programs including MFR treatments.graphic_2iPad-CTA

Telespine Training Weekend

  • 20 hours of education (weekend fun)
  • Learn the fundamental Telespine exercises and activities
  • Learn how to teach the Telespine program to your patients
  • Learn how to incorporate the Telespine into your practice

Please fill out the form to the right and include your interest in the weekend training in the message section

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