Online Health Coaching

Expert care at a “push of a button”

Our expert online health coaches are available at a push of a button to give advice and guidance to help you recover from back pain and get back to the activities you enjoy.

Our expert health coaches are here to help

We are a behavioral health company focusing on low back pain. We cut costs by engaging individuals in self-management, monitoring participation and pro-active health coaching. A virtual, digital health clinic.

Our expert coaches are available via messaging and video consults to guide participants in the Telespine program, monitor their progress, and assist them on their path to feeling better.

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Get immediate help by messaging a health coach

Our health coaches are available during the day to answer questions and keep you on track with the program and on your path to a healthy back. Simply click the “Chat with a Coach” link in the app and a health coach will help you- it’s quick & easy.

Telespine Behavioral Health Approach

Preventing or getting better from LBP requires a shift in daily behavior.  We know that making lifestyle changes can be challenging, so our health coaches have your back. Telespine health coaching is an innovative coaching method that combines evidence-based behavior change models and a comprehensive clinical support system to guide you in achieving long-term back health.

CBT Theories

Traditional adherence to a therapeutic plan of care in an outpatient orthopedic office is 35% or less. Adherence to Telespine’s digital therapeutic plan is over 85%

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Let’s Get Started!

Telespine is a proven, online 8-week program for lower back pain. It’s easy to do and based on over 20 clinical studies that show you can have near term and lasting relief from your pain by spending just 10 minutes a day with Telespine.