What causes low back pain? There are different manifestations of this problem and the duration and type of pain varies from person to person.  Most adults experience back pain at some time in their lives and while the pain can be debilitating, over 90% of back pain is due to mechanical issues rather than a serious underlying problem. Mechanical back pain may come from different causes: from poor lifting technique, a weak core, or a bad habit, such as slouching when sitting.

What are some of the reasons people experience back pain? Those who work with heavy lifting are familiar with a major reason, and that is improper positioning before lifting. Industries, such as warehouses, where employees regularly lift as part of the job have regular training sessions as to proper lifting techniques.

Proper lifting involves keeping your back straight while lifting, not twisting or turning while lifting, keeping the load close to the body while lifting, and using team lifts when item is too heavy. If someone tries to lift too heavy a load individually, it can cause back pain.

Whether the job is active or sedentary, all are in danger of experiencing back pain. Even people in sedentary jobs are in danger of back pain. Modern lifestyles are more sedentary. Many people spend more and more time in front of a television, computer, or cell phone. Repetitive motions,shutterstock_132172985 or sitting with the posture out-of-joint, such as pushing one’s head forward to view a computer screen, slouching while watching TV, or bending one’s head down and forward to view a cell phone creates  unnecessary and unnatural strain on the body. In addition, obesity, a common ailment of modern times, adds to extra strain on the joints and bones. The repetitive motions and unnatural positions of today’s modern work environment cause strain.
There are different treatments for back pain. In severe cases, a solution may require surgery but this should only be an option if a medical emergency or all other options have been exhausted. Medication may also be used. However, the best method to treat most types of low back pain is by adding healthy lower back habits such proper lifting and posture as well as using exercise to strengthen core muscles. Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of a back injury returning.

While back pain is a pervasive problem in society, and debilitating to those experiencing it, the good news is that a structured exercise program, created by professionals in the field, can improve back problems.

What are some of the warning signs that it may be time to seriously take control of any back pain? If you have a history of pain that keeps getting worse and does not improve even after rest, think about getting checked by a professional.  Or, you may have pain that has lasted more than a month. Contact us for help and a BackChat health coach and help you figure out the best plan of action to heal your lower back..

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