Employer Programs

Low Back Pain is the #1 Cause of Disability in the World

33,000,000 people experience some level of low back pain every day

25-30% of all US employees will seek care for low back pain every year

The average medical cost of low back pain is $6,700 per episode

Low back pain is the #2 reason people don’t go to work, second only to the common cold

Employers are spending $42 billion per year on low back pain

Telespine has created the first and only clinically proven digital health solution to engage employees in the maintenance and control of  their back health. We provide the tools and resources to help them get immediate relief and recover from low back pain with the help of our expert online coaches. Employers can now dramatically cut costs associated with low back pain and lost productivity. If you are an insurer, benefits administrator or TPA, you can now bring a low back pain solution to your members or employer customers that is effective and integrates seamlessly into current wellness benefits initiatives.

Telespine is an easy to use, interactive online program for low back pain

Personalized 8 week program

Progress monitoring

Video tutorials

Expert guidance

Healthy back tips & reminders

Messaging & video chat with a health coach

Telespine Online Coaching

A personalized, interactive, more in-depth program for employees experiencing low back pain. Online Coaching consists of all the program and web app features of the Telespine solution but also includes:

Expert guidance by our certified Telespine health coaches

Online consults with our health coaches

Unlimited messaging with our health coaches